Harold Schorr


Here are some of my favorite pictures:

HCS_Pilot Web.jpg (7019 bytes)

Here's one in the pilot's seat.

N8085A Check Ride.jpg (6193 bytes)

In this picture, I taxi back to the ramp at the end of my checkride, in N8085A.

AVP.gif (46347 bytes)

This is Wilkes-Barre / Scranton International Airport, where I took my private pilot training.

CanFalls.jpg (399950 bytes)

Flying over Niagara Falls.


n4876f.jpg (5540 bytes)

I also rent N4876F at...

9n3.jpg (15301 bytes)

Seamans Airport.

Hoover.jpg (155587 bytes)

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we rented a plane and flew over Hoover Dam...

GrCanyn3.jpg (112872 bytes)

over the Grand Canyon...

C172_GCW.jpg (86030 bytes)

landed at Grand Canyon West airport...

us_GCW Web.jpg (9196 bytes)

posed for a picture...

Boulder City.jpg (108578 bytes)

and returned to Boulder City.