Harold Schorr


Our trip to Las Vegas was planned for me to attend COMDEX in November of 1999. I arranged for J to join me. We took in all the sites, including the strip, Red Rock and Boulder Dam. Here are some highlights.

Boulder_City.jpg (108578 bytes)My first flight after earning my Private Pilot Certificate was from Boulder City, CO. I hired a plane and instructor for a half-day flight over the area sights.

First, we took this dam picture. The Hoover Dam, to be exact. Hoover.jpg (155587 bytes)It looked much bigger from below...

After a couple of dam turns, we headed for the west end of the Grand Canyon.

At the time, private aircraft were required to stay at 8000 ft above sea level, when over the canyon. There have been a number of new proposals, since our trip and I'm not sure what the restrictions are, now.  GrCanyn3.jpg (112872 bytes)

We landed at the Grand Canyon West airport, which is run by Native AmericaC172_GCW.jpg (86030 bytes)ns. This airport is primarily used by scenic tour flights.

 Here is J with Kimber, my instructor for the flight.